Civil Litigation


Have you been sued or do you need to sue someone else to enforce a contract, to recover compensation from someone who injured you or to recover money or property? Legal disputes create mental stress and frustration and can make it very difficult for your to concentrate so that your productivity at work is reduced.  If you have a dispute with another party and have not been able to resolve the situation, and experienced attorney can help to protect your rights and resolve the situation in a way which is favorable to you.


Rich Zawtocki has practiced law in Arizona for more than 27 years and is experienced in handling civil litigation issues for individuals and businesses. Rich provides legal services in the following areas of law:[checklist icon=”arrow” iconcolor=”#cccccc” circle=”yes”]

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Debt collection
  • Personal injury claims, including
[checklist icon=”check” iconcolor=”#cccccc” circle=”no”]
  • Motor vehicle collisions involving automobiles, motorcycles and RV’s
  • Bicycle and pedestrian collisions
  • Slip and fall and other injuring causing conditions on commercial and private property
  • Dog bites and other injuries caused by pets or other animals

To schedule an appointment or consultation with Rich, please contact us on line or by calling 480-655-0733. We will listen to you and can design cost effective and comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of legal disputes.