Legal Services

Civil Litigation

Rich Zawtocki is the primary civil litigation  practitioner in the firm, providing services such as contract review, debt collection, and education law.
Civil Litigation

Family Law and Divorce

Marie Zawtocki is the primary family law practitioner, representing clients in divorce, parenting time,  and related legal issues.
Family Law

Personal Injury

Rich Zawtocki is the primary personal injury practitioner in the firm, representing clients in cases where a person was injured due to someone else’s reckless or negligent acts.
Personal Injury

Juvenile Law

Marie Zawtocki is the primary juvenile law practitioner in the firm, providing services such as adoptions and child guardianships.
Juvenile Law

Basic Probate

Both attorneys address wills, name changes, life care documents, adult guardianships and conservatorships.
Probate Services

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

Issues involving orders of protection (between family members or romantic partners), injunctions against harassment (between non related persons), and injunctions against workplace harassment.
Domestic Violence
Depending on the issues involved in your case, we may be able to provide legal services in one of three ways
  1. Full Representation: The law firm takes full responsibility for representing your case, preparing and filing the necessary documents, maintaining the court record, communicating between the parties and other interested persons at court and elsewhere, negotiating settlement where appropriate, and appearances at court.
  2. Limited Representation:  This is permitted in family court.  Mrs. Zawtocki and the client come to an agreement as to what specific appearances will be made in court, at a scheduled mediation, or on a specific issue.  For example, the client may want to handle all matters regarding child support and property but have Mrs. Zawtocki appear for the sole purpose of parenting time and legal decision making (custody).
  3. Consultation and documentation preparation only:  The client remains their own representative in their case with the court.  When help is needed, the client schedules an appointment for review of documents, preparation of necessary documents, and advice on what is needed next.