You are encouraged to follow your case online.

For Maricopa County Superior Court cases: (Juvenile may not be available).

  • The Maricopa County Superior Court site will give you the court docket. This will give you basic information including whether the court has ruled and will list upcoming hearing dates.
  • The Maricopa County  Clerk of Court site , will give you access to all of the actual documents filed in your case. As a party to the case you are entitled to follow this site. However, you may need to go to the court with your driver’s license or other identification to get signed on to your case.

For all other courts (except juvenile): the court dockets are available on .

Some of the City Courts have online access to some information.

If you go to the court:

The  Clerk of Court office at the Superior Court has computers where you can access your case online.  If you want copies, there will be a per page cost.  If you want a certified copy of an order or decree, there will be further charges.