How Can I  keep my legal costs under control?

At our initial consult or the start of a case, we will need information from you.  It is important that you complete the forms carefully.  We do use these forms to decide what action should be taken and for court filings.

Typically, documents will be needed to confirm information.  You will already have a great number of the necessary documents or information in your possession or you can easily get them.  If you do not have your documents, we can help you get them.

For example:

  • Accident cases: a copy of the police report, medical records, and receipts
  • Divorces:   your tax returns, paystubs, monthly credit card or loan statements, retirement benefit statements, deeds and titles
  • Parenting time and child support:  we may need records for your children, daycare receipts, and health insurance information
  • Will preparation:  the names of who you want to be your personal representative and your heirs
  • Service:  For finding persons that need to be served papers in your case, you typically know someone or something that can lead to finding that person

When you deliver documents to our office, it helps if you can do the following.  Otherwise, we will take care of these:

  • We rarely need originals.  Please deliver clear copies unless we specifically request the original.
  • We want to protect you from identity fraud. Many bank and credit card statements, tax returns, and other documents have your social security number or account number on every page.  Please redact (use White Out) all but the last 4 numbers of any account numbers.
  • Make sure your documents are organized when you deliver them.